Too bad that I am out of shallots

Someone gave me five pounds of venison last night. I seasoned it with salt, pepper and garlic. I seared it in my cast iron skillet (the only skillet that I had big enough to do that even if it hadn’t been the correct one to use) and put it into the slow cooker with onions, potatoes, carrots, and a bit of a beef stock/apple cider mix that I made recently.

In approximately eight hours, there shall be feasting!

24 responses to “Too bad that I am out of shallots

  1. look how me = jealous.
    however, I did make chicken curry soup the other day, which is brilliant. And as easy as you’d expect it to be. Cook off stock, add chicken, veggies, and lots of curry. tada!
    I serve it over long grain rice when possible.

  2. Wow. WOW. Great gift! Some of the best chili I have ever had was venison chili.

  3. I’m very jealous. I love venison and haven’t had it in a long time.

    • How did you have it last time? I am always up for hearing more ideas and I have only had the meat a few times before in small portions.

      • You know, I don’t even remember. My mom was a good cook, but not an adventurous one so I imagine it was a simple preparation, probably just letting the meat stand on its own (which it does).

  4. Mmmm! I had lasagna with ground deer burger once and it was so nummylicious. I’d rather eat Bambi than cow anyday!

    • Cow is OK, but there are so many better meats! I think that my favorite of the four legged variety (so far) is elk.
      My favorite bird is duck without a doubt.
      What are your favorites?

      • But have you had Goose?
        Your stew sounds lovely by the way.

      • Yes, I have had goose. I like it, but I still prefer duck. This is partially because I cannot fit goose into my cast iron skillet. It may also be because I have not made goose since I learned the secrets of a fine brine. Perhaps I should revisit the bird and soak it in a cider brine before casting judgment.
        And thanks! 🙂

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