the humdrum stuff

Usually, life is filled with amazing and weird things. You never know what is going to happen or when. At least I do not.

But every now and then, one of my archnemeses (the twin gods of Tedium and Beaurocracy) track me down and force me to live by their rules. The best-laid plans, as they say …

So, while I prepare for the next great adventure I will write about the little things. The boring stuff. The random bits which occupy my time these days.

The Fermilab thing has completely and utterly thrown me off for NaNoWriMo this year. No surprise, really. The real surprise is that I got as far as I did! There is really no way that I will finish the book.

Thanksgiving is in two days. Today I shall brine the chicken and de-bone it. This will allow me to figure out whether I truly have the skills to do the duck and turkey or not. If I cannot successfully de-bone the chicken, I will just make it for supper tonight, cook the duck tomorrow, and the turkey on Thursday. If however, I have not lost my knife skills, I shall brine and prepare the duck tonight and the turkey tomorrow. I’ll store the meat in the fridge and the bones in the freezer. I’ll start the preparations for the sweet potato casserole and buttermilk mashed potatoes tomorrow. I’ll pick up my non-reactive saucepan from my mother so that I can make cranberry compote. And Thursday will be the last minute things like the corn pudding, green bean casserole, and the pies.

Also, I have to consolidate my stuff. Not only the things that I brought back from New Mexico, but the things that I was never able to take there from Ohio. Apparently, Mom has some furniture that she had meant to give me. I suspect that the movers will be happiest if they only need to pick up things from one location.

And for that matter, I really need to talk to Fermilab and find out how we’re working out the whole “movers” thing. I have watched this happen enough with my father to know that there are multiple possible ways to work this. They could have me schedule the whole thing and reimburse me. They could choose the movers for me and I schedule the time. They could have me choose whomever I wish and then tell me to have the movers contact them for payment. They could give me a list of possible movers and then tell me to give the movers code “XYZ” for the payment. Or who knows what.

Oh! And I sort of need to know where I will be staying when I get there. I have been told that I’ll be given a place until I can find my own residence. I need to know where that is and when I can move in! I may have a starting date for work, but I would kind of like to be in town before my first day of work.

And of course, as of today there is exactly one month until Christmas. I really should not even think about that. After all, I have not had a paying job since May. Obviously, I cannot afford to buy anyone presents. Or even cards. It does not stop me from thinking about it though.

Not to mention all the last minute repairs and chores that I have to do around here before I go. The oil change. The broken banister. Sealing the windows against winter. Removing the light bulb that is stuck in the ceiling lamp. Fixing the garbage disposal. You get the idea.

So, that’s life. But for now, I am back to the Thanksgiving prep. Wine and chicken, here I come!


8 responses to “the humdrum stuff

  1. The best way to remove a broken lightbulb is with a potato… just in case you need to know 😉

  2. You could send e-cards. write little notes?

    -Squish (at work)

    • The majority of my family is not connected via email or internet. However, I am also certain that most people will be understanding of my situation. The above was more a statement of what’s going on than an actual worry.

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