Too much to tweet

These are things that are too long to put on my twitter, but not long enough for a real post.

* – I still cannot find my cable to connect my camera to the computer, so no pics of the turducken yet. I must admit, I prefer turducken leftovers to the leftovers of chicken or turkey. Way more variety. What’s that? What about duck leftovers? I do not know. I’ve never been able to keep duck around long enough to have those.

* – Scheduled the movers last Wednesday, so it looks like my last weekend here will be next weekend. Not sure how much time I’ll have, but if there is to be any chance of people seeing me before I move … this will be it.

* – My hair is getting pretty long. It is finally time for a trim. It has been over four years since I started growing dreadlocks, and I am finally ready to trim my hair.

* – I have long said that I am the Master of all trades, PhD of none. But another accurate descriptor for me is that I am the Leatherman of experimental physics. If you want a specialist in anything, call someone else. But if you need someone generically good and just about everything, I’m your guy. In anthropology class, the lecturer told us that the reason that humans have been so successful is that as a species we are like that. We do not specialize in anything, but we are generically good at a wide variety of things.

* – I find myself in the mood to watch old movies. Something with Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Fatty Arbuckle, Danny Kaye, or the Marx Brothers. Abbott and Costello would work. So would an old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan or Sabu’s Thief of Bagdad. Ooh! Or something by Ray Harryhausen or George Pal.

* – I’m reading The Three Musketeers right now. Ah, yes! Time to buckle the ol’ swash!


12 responses to “Too much to tweet

  1. So, I still — STILL — have the copy of David Rosengarten’s Taste that you lent me eons ago. And though it’s a lovely book, I feel it should go back to its rightful owner.
    That, and I haven’t actually seen you this whole time we’ve both been back in Columbus. We should grab lunch. I’m pretty sure I can swing that among the leading-up-to-finals-week rush 🙂

    • Wow! Didn’t I lend that to you while I was moving to Los Alamos? That would make it … four years ago last month, right? *laughs*
      Lunch would be quite lovely. When would be good for you?

      • That’s it! I knew it was while you were visiting me in BR, but I couldn’t figure out why you would have had the book with you. I forgot you were moving at the time.
        Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 could work in the campus area, or whenever Fri/Sat/Sun anywhere in the city.

      • Wednesday at 1:30 sounds good. I can meet you then. And if it turns out that there is a problem, we can always try for Friday.

      • Awesome. You want to just meet me at Denney Hall? You could head up to 324; that’s my office/the DMP. I teach until 1:18, so if you’re there a little early I might not be back yet, but I’ll be there shortly.

      • Sounds good. See you there! 🙂

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