A sudden downturn in the weather

Snowing again.

The puddle in back is rapidly slushifying. Crystallization usually implies clarity, but there is little “clear” about that sludge. Just as well. My soul is just as cloudy.

My cat, Fido, was having trouble breathing yesterday. I took him to the vet to have him checked out. Apparently there is a mass in his gastrointestinal tract about the size of an apple. There is fluid in his lungs. The veterinarian told me that she thinks that he has cancer.

She gave me medicine that will hopefully reduce the fluid in his lungs. I am supposed to bring him back to the vet on Friday. They will check his progress and we can figure out what to do next. They would have run more tests yesterday, but he was so stressed that they were afraid that he would go into cardiac arrest.

I love Fido. I was looking forward to taking him with me to Chicago. But if he is not doing well, I cannot fill his last days with the stress of moving. I will monitor his health, but if things do not improve he will stay here with people who love him.


18 responses to “A sudden downturn in the weather

  1. ::sends wishes and good vibes for pussy-cat wellness::

  2. Oh, poor Fido! My best to you both, of course.

  3. ::sends hugs and good vibes for both you and Fido::

  4. Owen, I’m sorry. I had to make this decision with my dear Sheltie, Bertie, just before I moved out of Baton Rouge. He had been wrestling with pancreatis, and I tried to figure out a way, but in the end, I couldn’t put him through the pain of 19 hours in a car.
    Now I believe that the last six months with him were all a gift he gave me, to get me safe and healthy and into the next stage of my life. And then, when the car was packed, he knew I was going to be all right, so he could let go at last.
    You have all my sympathy for this. Whatever happens, it’ll be all right.

  5. My best to you and Fido. May the transitions and changes go easily and with as little pain as possible for you both.

  6. ack… poor thing.
    at least he has you to look after him right now… you were here to be the one to take him to the vet. i hope the medicine helps him soon.

    • Actually, it does appear to be helping. His breathing is back to normal and because of that he is becoming more energetic. Small miracle, but a welcome one. 🙂

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