He drinks a whiskey drink. He drinks a vodka drink.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in to my last post. Things have been rough lately. And they got a little bit rougher today.

I got a phone call this afternoon. My nephew died today. I remember when he was just a kid. I remember buying him books and playing frisbee with him.

He was only in his twenties. He was too young. We are all too young. Always.

I am a little tired right now. Not just physically, although there is that too. Emotionally, I am exhausted. Moving. Fido. Now this?

I will be OK. I always am. I land on my feet.

But for now, things are a bit crazy and confused.


18 responses to “He drinks a whiskey drink. He drinks a vodka drink.

  1. D:
    I’m so sorry, Owen.

  2. Hi, hon–
    I think you’re like me, self-reliant to such an extreme that people don’t realize I actually need help, because I am unwilling to ask for it. You have amazing resilience and courage, intelligence and honesty, and these gifts allow you to come through anything. But the fact that you will be fine doesn’t mean it’s any easier or less painful for you than it is for someone who wouldn’t be fine. I don’t know what I’m trying to say here, just that I hear what you’re saying.
    I am so sorry about your nephew and Fido — and even the eucatastrophe of the move and the new job. Too many blows, too close together. Sometimes it’s okay just to curl up in a ball and howl, no matter how resilient you are. The world will not think the less of you for it.

  3. I’m sorry Owen. I hope things look up soon.

  4. :hugs: I’m so sorry Owen. Give me a call any evening (including Fri) when you can/want to meet up and I’ll be there as fast as I-70 can get me there…

  5. I’m sorry you’re going through this. You’re in my thoughts today.

  6. {{hugs}}
    If you need to talk at all, I’m here.

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