This is not Sparta.

My friends completely and utterly failed to stop me from making turducken. Perhaps they shall do better with my next bit of culinary madness.

Pomegranate soufflé. With a dusting of dutched cocoa. And perhaps a hint of almond extract.

If it were not so snowy outside, I would take the day to learn to unicycle. But it is. So I will have to find some other way to amuse myself.

Cleaning and organizing? Don’t make me laugh. But I have to do something otherwise I will sit still. Then I will start to think. This would be a bad thing. Maybe not “don’t cross the streams” bad, but bad enough.

So yeah. The white stuff finally came. This is good, except for the whole “moving” thing. Ooh! I shall try to carry heavy objects down the slippery stairs and to my car! Whoops! Hey! Skin sure does tear easier in the cold, doesn’t it? At least red and white look good together. And if I had worn better gloves, it would have been more like a Buster Keaton scene than a cheesy horror flick.


10 responses to “This is not Sparta.

  1. Well, I for one, will never stop encouraging your gastronomic exploits.

  2. Sorry, not gonna stop you this time either… it sounds wonderful!

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