Yay, me!

OK. So despite the plethora of stuff that keeps happening, at least I have fixed my laptop (again.) Hence, when I go to Chicago I shall still be able to connect to the internet. W00+!

I shall still get a new one at my earliest opportunity. Nothing against this one, but it is five years old and I have repaired and replaced so many different parts that it is probably being held together with bubble gum and prayers.


4 responses to “Yay, me!

  1. lol sounds like one of my desktop computers…i have to hit the processor heat sink randomly to keep it going- but, somehow, i love the act. also i have like every virus in the world on it – i do not use a firewall, for kicks. i guess it is because i find it interesting to work with really screwed up computers….my time at apple made me appreciate the fun involved with troubleshooting. not that apples are bad computers…..they have a good product.

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