I have never used phrasing like this before

Barack Obama is filled with win and kittens. Or at least this will be my opinion of him if the article stating that Obama is picking a Nobel prize winning physicist to be Energy Secretary is accurate. I could almost believe that he was sent here by his father Jor-El.

Here is an even better article about it.

Trying not to “squee” … trying not to “squee” …


8 responses to “I have never used phrasing like this before

  1. I was wondering your opinion on this pick 🙂 I certainly think having a Nobel-winning physicist with a major interest in alternate energy in this post is kick-ass

    • That is exactly how I feel. I even met the man once when I was heavily into laser research and the idea of laser cooling of atoms fascinated me. He is a good man and from everything that I have heard, a good administrator. I love that he is into alternative energy sources and that he is Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab as well as being a professor at UC-Berkeley. He’ll understand research from the national lab standpoint and the university standpoint. Obama simply could not have made a choice that I would agree with more.

  2. What’s wrong with a good squee? And this looks like a good opportunity for a well-place squee.

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