Also, everyone likes my Santa hat

I am online very briefly. There is internet at the guest center, but I really need to study. And to eat.

Anyway, this is the coolest and yet geekiest job ever! They gave me steel toed hiking boots. To keep! For free! And a new Leatherman that is even better than my old one. And a Mini Maglite! And a pouch to keep the latter two items in!

Looks very much like I shall be working on Christmas Eve. And Christmas Day. And probably New Years Eve and New Years Day as well. *sighs* On the other hand, holiday pay will be nice. And it is not like I really have friends or family here to do anything with. And I really should not spend money on travel when I am trying to save up for a new place to live. So it all works out.

Back to the apartment to study and eat.


12 responses to “Also, everyone likes my Santa hat

  1. Yay free stuff! Sorry you have to work on the Christmas, we’ll be sending you happy thoughts anyway!

  2. You have all the fun!

  3. How’s the testing going?
    If you want something to do for new years eve… if you’re not working that night or have a test the next day)… might ask what justin and jamie are up to.

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