Thirty Years Later …

It is supposed to snow a lot tonight. We are expecting the possibility of more than three feet of accumulation.

This is the way that I remember winters from when I was a child. Appropriate since I currently live only a few miles from one of the places that I lived when I was eight.

Come to think of it, this place is doubly apropos. That was the age (and the place) when I started experimenting. That was when I built a heat ray and melted the paint off of my father’s car! And when I accidentally blew a fuse in the house when I tried to experiment with electricity! And when I designed cardboard wings and convinced my neighbors to strap them on their backs to aid in bicycle stunts!

And now I am learning to play with anti-matter …


2 responses to “Thirty Years Later …

  1. Three feet…We only have a few inches. But I never melted the paint off my dad’s car.

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