a few quick words from the Light Side

I am pleased, but not surprised, to find that we did not get as much snow as predicted the last time that I made a written journal entry. We still got a lot or precipitation that day, but much of it was in the form of sleet and freezing rain.

We might not get that lucky today. Not that I mind the change. The past two days had temperatures around negative five and negative one degrees Fahrenheit even before the wind chill factor. Today is much warmer and it has been snowing all day.

I can deal with that.

I also got my first paycheck today. W00+! I shall go to the bank in a few minutes and deposit it. Lest some bizarre paycheck gremlin come along and yoink it away from me. Yes, I have been reading Hogfather recently. Why do you ask?

No plans for Christmas other than work. New Year’s might be another story though. We shall see.

I am closer to finding a place to live. With luck, I shall have that figured out within another week or so. This is good, since the place that I was using for internet access after work is closed until 5 Jan, 2009. No internet and no TV makes Owen “something something.”

In other news, I have also been reimbursed for my trip out here this past Halloween. I think that I will put the money in savings and use it to buy myself a birthday present. And now, for some reason, I keep imagining myself doing a bad impersonation of Peter Lorre and talking about birthday presents. I do not know why. I do not remember any movies where he does that. Maybe there was a Looney Tune like that?

For the record, my subject comes from the fact that the operator offices are divided in two … the Dark Side and the Light Side. Mine is in the Light, mainly because the Dark Side was almost full. Not that I consider myself a Sith, but I do not think that I am much of a Jedi either.

Nobody had better call me “padawan” though or I shall have to relieve them of their midichlorians.


12 responses to “a few quick words from the Light Side

  1. Oh, hurrah! I wanted to call you last night and ran into the “Ten here is, um, a lot later there” thing.
    Yay for money. The cool thing about paychecks? They just keep giving them to you.

  2. On Sunday I got together with Ann, Jim, Justin, & Nizzy and we watched the first two episodes of Firefly. I had never seen it before, and I am amazed at the number of catch-phrases and references I “get” now that I previously didn’t, such as the userpic on this lj entry =)
    Merry Christmas =)

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