Yesterday, the temperature rose to the mid fifties Fahrenheit. And it rained. Do you know what that meant?

No, not just that the snow and ice has begun to melt off of the roads.

It means that the warm wet air hit the cold snow on the ground and we got hit by fog. A lot of it. When I tried to drive back to the house last night, I could not see more that three meters past the hood of my car. Turning on the high beams just reflected more light back at me, so I kept it on low the entire time. I drove about 20 miles per hour the whole way back.

It is weird the way that sounds do not conduct normally in fog. I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on that? I could hear the sounds of ice cracking on the pond as clear as if I were on top of it, even though I was pretty far away. Yet, the person who walked to a car only a meter from mine sounded farther than he was.

Lots of exploring today. First to Wheaton to check out an apartment. Then to Naperville to see a comic book store. Next to Aurora for another apartment. Then to buy some groceries, since I seem to be running low.

I doubt that I shall head downtown today. Although I thrill at the idea of exploring the Windy City during the surreality of a foggy day like today, I just do not think that I shall have the time.

And because this is appropriate …


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