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… and I, for one, welcome our new Obamalords!

I am so tired of the headlines today. Economy this. Blagojevich that. Blah, blah, blah! I want to read about something different. I mean come on, we are living in the twenty-first century. I don’t want the same tired old scandals. I want something better.

Like hovercars. Or monkeys with human brains. Or genetic abominations coming to enslave humanity. Oh, wait. I am pretty sure that some alarmists think that the Obamas are proof that this has already happened.


decisions, decisions

My laptop is no longer on its last legs. It is on its last knees. Which should – buy myself first, a new bed or a new computer …

A Fistful of Quarters

Yesterday was a frajuous day. Calloo! Callay! The movers came and brought me stuff from storage. No more sitting on the floor and eating frozen dinners on paper plates. I would have a table, chaors, a love sear, a lamp and … dare I think it … cookware! My apartment would no longer echo when I spoke!

Sometimes I really make it too easy for the Powers That Be.

Not that anything is broken or damaged. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Nor are any boxes missing. There was a checklist made before they left Ohio. All of the boxes were checked off by me as they delivered them to my new place.

No. The problem is a bit more subtle than that. The boxes were filled with my stuff and packed correctly, but it is as if there were several boxes missing that were never written down. I cannot find my: flatware, plates, bowls, glasses, Brita pitcher, saucepans, salad spinner, liquid measuring cup, AC adapter for my modem/router, good harmonicas, and other oddments. I have a 12″ cast iron skillet, a toaster, a souffle, solid measuring cups, a wooden spoon, a turner, one (out of a set of two) turkey lifter, a roaster, a cutting board, a 7″ santoku, an electric kettle, two cooling racks, a mandoline, and tongs.

Strangely, before the movers packed the boxes some of the missing stuff had been stored next to the things that successfully arrived. But no one has seen hide nor hair of them since then.

On the other hand, I found two rolls of quarters in the bottom of one of the boxes.

Looks like shopping time! Good thing I am working the evening shift this week.

Protected: I’m standing in the wind but I never wave bye-bye

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i want a double double!

I washed my hair today. And since my hair takes all day to dry, I could not quite bring myself to go outside into the cold. Instead, I spent the day searching for furniture on craigslist, reading, and planning a mini-vacation.

No, I do not feel like doing an MLK Jr post. I am sure that you can find something witty and/or wise somewhere else. Then again, if you were looking for something with such high expectations, why look here?

doctor’s orders

Had some baseline medical exams at work. They want to be sure that anything that is wrong with me is stuff that was not their fault. So they ran test. Upon test. Upon test. The lung capacity one just kills me.

The results? I have the body of a twenty-four year old. For the record, I turned thirty-nine about a week ago.

The only caveat was the fact that my cholesterol was borderline. The doctor blames that on the fact that I have been eating a lot of fast food lately and have not had a regular exercise routine since I moved here. He wants me to start one right away.

“Exercise, huh? Like juggling and salsa dancing,” I asked.

“Yes. Those would do nicely. As long as you do them at least an hour a day, several times a week,” he said. “And be sure to eat plenty of fish and fruit,” he added.

There you have it. I have to get back into salsa dancing and start eating my favorite foods. For my health! I cannot disobey the doctor, after all.

a month, a year, and other passages of time

I have been in Illinois for a month now. I have not done much exploration. I blame Dick Cheney. It seems like the thing to do.

A year ago, I was driving across Illinois on my way to OH. I remember that it was unseasonably warm. I could use some of that weather right now!

Two nights ago, I went salsa dancing in Naperville. It was a nice place. I enjoyed it far more than the place I had gone for the past two weeks. Mental note though. Negative temperatures and a two block walk do not mix. Next time, get money from the ATM before parking. Even though I was wearing enough layers to choke a moose, the wind tore through me like a buzzsaw through kleenex. I suspect that is why I was sick last night and under the weather today.

On the other hand, teaching the bachelorette party to salsa, bachata, merengue, and cha-cha was amazingly fun. This is the second time I have done that. Why is it that bachelorette parties seem like so much fun but bachelor parties seem so boring? I hope that if I ever have one, mine will be a blast!

Last night, I talked to a friend. We joked. We laughed. She invited me to come for a visit. I think that I will go. I have some money in my savings and some days off in March. I have not seen her in a long time and it will be a nice break. I have been told that I had better come prepared to dance. I think that I can handle that! 🙂

Note to the Universe

I am not fond of days where the windchill makes the high around -30 degrees Fahrenheit. Please make a note of this for your records.

best! job! EVER!

Today at work, I learned about the hobbit enclave and the flux capacitor!

I believe in yesterday

When I was a boy, …

What? Are you a girl now?

I mean when I was young …

You’re not exactly old now …

Shut up, brain or I’ll stab you with a Q-Tip!

Anyway, snow accumulation used to be one of my prerequisites for a good birthday. It had to be more than an inch. It had to be falling sometime between midnight and 3pm so that I could get some time to play in it. And it had to be natural snow, not man made.

When I was living near Chicago as a small child, this was never a problem. Nor did I have any issues in the Boston area. Ohio was rarely kind to me in that department. And of course more southerly states were often too mild. So I began to re-asses my prereqs.

I hoped to spend time with family or friends. But I soon found that after a hectic holiday season and the return to work or classes, many people were not inclined to have another party.

Sometime in there, whatever fates have decided that my life should be interesting in a Chinese proverb sort of way decided that my birthday should be the best example of that. And so, that day slowly changed from fun and pleasant to “nightmarish cacophany of catastrophies of Buffyverse proportions.”

And then I moved to New Mexico. And the birthdays slowly began to become normal again.

I had few expectations for yesterday. I planned to move some of my stuff to a new place. I planned to finally explore downtown Chicago, the rail system, and other such things. And I planned to take lots of photos of the day.

Instead, it snowed.