A Few Words From Work

No time to post. Lots of things to write about.

Found a place to live in West Chicago. Looked at first like it would not be available in time, but I think that problem is fixed. I might be trying to move on my birthday though.

Yesterday was Oxygen Deficiency Hazard training and D0 Hazard training. Today, NuMI/MINOS Underground training. Tomorrow is Radiation Worker training. And still I need to keep training myself on the actual workings of the Main Control Room (MCR), the various parts of the accelerator, how they work, who everyone is, etc. I am currently learning about drift tubes, quadropoles, sextopoles, and octopoles. And “bump theory”. And the differences between a synchrotron and a linear accelerator or “linac.”

I love my G1 and am finally getting the hang of it. I turned it into a tricorder last night. No, I am not kidding.

I was running late this morning and forgot my leatherman and penlight. I feel so naked!

Actually, today’s sinfest describes my life quite well.


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