doctor’s orders

Had some baseline medical exams at work. They want to be sure that anything that is wrong with me is stuff that was not their fault. So they ran test. Upon test. Upon test. The lung capacity one just kills me.

The results? I have the body of a twenty-four year old. For the record, I turned thirty-nine about a week ago.

The only caveat was the fact that my cholesterol was borderline. The doctor blames that on the fact that I have been eating a lot of fast food lately and have not had a regular exercise routine since I moved here. He wants me to start one right away.

“Exercise, huh? Like juggling and salsa dancing,” I asked.

“Yes. Those would do nicely. As long as you do them at least an hour a day, several times a week,” he said. “And be sure to eat plenty of fish and fruit,” he added.

There you have it. I have to get back into salsa dancing and start eating my favorite foods. For my health! I cannot disobey the doctor, after all.


8 responses to “doctor’s orders

  1. So glad you’re hale!
    Can you juggle for an hour a day? That’s a lot of juggling.

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