A Fistful of Quarters

Yesterday was a frajuous day. Calloo! Callay! The movers came and brought me stuff from storage. No more sitting on the floor and eating frozen dinners on paper plates. I would have a table, chaors, a love sear, a lamp and … dare I think it … cookware! My apartment would no longer echo when I spoke!

Sometimes I really make it too easy for the Powers That Be.

Not that anything is broken or damaged. Everything arrived in perfect condition. Nor are any boxes missing. There was a checklist made before they left Ohio. All of the boxes were checked off by me as they delivered them to my new place.

No. The problem is a bit more subtle than that. The boxes were filled with my stuff and packed correctly, but it is as if there were several boxes missing that were never written down. I cannot find my: flatware, plates, bowls, glasses, Brita pitcher, saucepans, salad spinner, liquid measuring cup, AC adapter for my modem/router, good harmonicas, and other oddments. I have a 12″ cast iron skillet, a toaster, a souffle, solid measuring cups, a wooden spoon, a turner, one (out of a set of two) turkey lifter, a roaster, a cutting board, a 7″ santoku, an electric kettle, two cooling racks, a mandoline, and tongs.

Strangely, before the movers packed the boxes some of the missing stuff had been stored next to the things that successfully arrived. But no one has seen hide nor hair of them since then.

On the other hand, I found two rolls of quarters in the bottom of one of the boxes.

Looks like shopping time! Good thing I am working the evening shift this week.


4 responses to “A Fistful of Quarters

  1. Weird and ominous. I’m sure it was the TSA.

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