I just finished Fool by Christopher Moore. This is quite probably my favorite Moore book since Lamb. If you have read Christopher Moore before, you know that the man is mad. Dangerously, completely, utterly, f***stockingly mad. This book reinforces that knowledge. No, it does more than that. It builds sweeping buttresses and digs vasty chasms of jism-laden shag-tasticness with a delicious Shakespeare topping.

Fool is about “King Lear.” You know the story. Old king. Three daughters. He divides the kingdom in the most mind numbingly, cat-buggeringly, witch-snoggingly idiotic way possible and spends the rest of the play reaping the cyclonic aftshanking that he so richly deserves. In my opinion, the only thing that made it a tragedy was the fate of Cordelia.

Moore takes this beautifully written play, tells it a few bawdy jokes and then drags it out back for a right proper bang behind the theatre.

I loved it. And oh! Pocket. The Black Fool inspires me to take up the busking arts once more!

Anyway. It was a fun read. Pick it up if you are so inclined.

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