Sweet bongos of the Congo!

The entire Cosmos series is available on Hulu! That series is one of three things (outside of my family) that influenced me to take up science. I would say what the other two are, but I am curious whether anyone either: a) knows me well enough to give the answer or b) can give an educated guess.

I can give a hint though. They are both popular culture icons.


10 responses to “Sweet bongos of the Congo!

  1. I never knew that the paper clip and electrical socket were considered to be cultural icons…

  2. Beaker and Bunsen? 😀

    • Ooh! Very nice. But before Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, I actually was inspired by two older television shows.
      For your consolation prize, I shall give you an extra large hug when I see you next!

  3. Bill Nye and Mr. Wizard? 😉

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