So, this is hell …!

I finally got a saucepan! And mixing bowls! And a baking sheet!

I decided to finally cook! Yes! Food! My own food. I have been waiting so long for this!

I wanted pancakes. Oh wait. I’m out of milk. Oh well. At least I can make eggs and bacon! I put some bacon in the oven (yes, I bake my bacon … deal with it) when the smoke alarm went off.

For the record, there was no smoke. Still, I had to open the windows. And the door. And turn of the oven.

Gah! I can’t cook in here. Anything I make sets off the alarm! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


20 responses to “So, this is hell …!

  1. Good for you for trying! I think cooking is one of the best skills anyone should have.
    It’s so easy to find recipes these days thanks to the Internet. Allrecipes has a nice section where you put in the ingredients you have and it’ll find recipes that use those ingredients.
    Helpful for when you just have eggs and CoolWhip and want to get rid of them before they expire.

  2. You might want to get someone to look at your stove and your alarms. Sounds like something is wonky somewhere. O_o

  3. I think the small chance of dying in a fire is probably worth good food.

    • I would disconnect the alarm, but it is directly wired into the apartment. I play with electricity enough at work. I feel like doing it at home is overkill. I will talk to the landlord later today and have them take care of either fixing the alarm or disconnecting it.

  4. Nnoooo! Can’t not cook!
    My kitchen barely has room enough for me to turn around in it, but at least I can cook in it. Poor Owen…

  5. gas stove? maybe one of the pilot lights in the oven is off, so you’re getting a leak? I don’t think my last gas stove every fully burned off its gas when it was on…. you always got a lovely scent of natural gas in the apartment whenever you baked anything.

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