And so it begins

Apparently, I have a co-worker who has an attitude problem.

This is no surprise. Most places have at several. I have not met the person in question, but I have been told of him. His problem is not with physics, engineering, or something that you would normally associate with particle accelerators though.

His problem is with juggling.

Ah, now you can see where I might get involved.

I have been told in no uncertain terms by several co-workers that I must meet this man and put him in his place. I have taken such words with a grain of salt. After all, I do not feel the need to challenge anyone. I am secure in my ability to juggle and have no need to prove myself.

But this guy tends to belittle people who are learning. The exact antithesis of my approach. I believe in encouraging people. I believe in spreading the madness so that everyone who can juggle shall. It is an infection and I am proud to be a carrier.

One of the Crew Chiefs came and spoke to me today and began juggling the hacky sacs that I keep on my desk just for that purpose. He told me of this guy. He told me of how the aforementioned juggler simply described the crew chief’s skills as “adequate” despite the fact that the Crew Chief was nearly on the same level. I saw some of the tricks that the CC did in front of me. Not bad! He’s not professional by any means, but he could do some three object razzamatazz and it was fun to watch and in the end, that’s what matters.

The CC told me that he really wants me to put the other juggler in his place. I have no intention of doing that unless there is a challenge. And even then, only if it seems like it would be fun. Or if I really believe the guy needs to be taken down a peg. Or two.

And I have to admit, it sounds like this guy needs it.

So, just in case, it is time to start practicing again. I shall take out my old Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe CD and begin the crawl back to adequacy. It has been a long time. And I am quite rusty.


20 responses to “And so it begins

  1. (laughs) you need a ‘Bring it’, ‘It’s on” exchange…. or maybe something involving a glove and a line in the dirt….

  2. Glove and a line in the dirt is much more “Owen” 🙂

  3. Order up! One hot and fresh order of SMACK! Lay it down! =D

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