Day 1 or You won´t catch *me* drinking a glass of raw eggs!

I woke up this morning … and I went back to bed!1 Not the most auspicious start to the beginning of training, but there is some ol’ chestnut about beggars and choosers that probably applies here. After hitting the snooze some inappropriate number of times, I dragged myself out of bed and began to stretch. And stretch. And stretch some more. Hmm. Is that as far as I can go? Didn´t I used to be able to do more? How disappointing. I have really let myself go to seed.

I did some situps. OK. Not bad. Better than I feared anyway. I used to do about a hundred of these every morning. Today I could only do about thirty. Well, best not to overdo it the first day. Tomorrow I shall use the Iron Gym that I bought over the weekend to do some pullups. It is a coincidence that I bought it. I had no idea that I would be getting back into juggling.

What about a quick spot of juggling? Just to see what I can still do? I picked up a banana, a bean bag of the earth, and a defunct cell phone … and promptly dropped them on the ground. OK. I still have ¨the drop¨2 down pat. Can I actually juggle them?

The answer was a resounding, ¨no.¨ Oh sure, the timing was fine. The motor skills though? Not so much. Looks like we´re gonna havta start at the beginning. Fundamentals. Heavy on both the ¨fun¨ and the ¨mental¨ in this case.

I looked at the time. Hmm. I will have to finish practicing either at work or when I get home tonight. It is time to start getting ready. So I showered, grabbed some breakfast, and typed this post. Off to work!
But, I should probably actually get dressed first, shouldn´t I?

[1]All due respect to ¨Weird Al¨ Yankovic´s ¨Generic Blues,¨ of course.
[2] The very first lesson from that wonderful tome, Juggling For the Complete Klutz. At finer bookstores everywhere.


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