all work and no play …

Just came inside from juggling my clubs for the first time in ages! The flesh in my arms has been reduced to gelatinous goo. Muscles? What are those? I am an amoeba.

This was all in a vain attempt to tire myself out. Although I was exhausted this morning when work was ending, I woke up for the drive home and by the time I was in bed, I was wide awake. I could only nap for about three hours before my body refused to sleep. 😦

At least the exercise has filled me with tasty endorphines. Mmm, endorphines! They combat the depression from recent events and the pain from overextending my muscles! It has been good to get them in this fashion. Working the owl shift this weekend means no dancing.


4 responses to “all work and no play …

  1. this seems to be going around… read mike’s latest facebook status?
    pretty soon we’ll all just be amorphous blobs.

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