Candela me quemo. ¡Ae!

Why is it that when I want to post, I have no time. When I want to take a break from the internet, I suddenly have all sorts of things I need to post about and opportunities for posting actually arise?

Like how I have this overwhelming urge to build a miniature particle accelerator using an old TV, a microwave oven, and other equipment that I could probably get pretty cheap …

Or how the lovely lyceum_arabica passed through on her way to Wisconsin and I cooked for the first time in far too long …

Or how yesterday at work was a bit of a slow motion train wreck. Rather amusing since I am in the business of making objects crash at velocities near the speed of light …

Or how last night was a wonderful night of salsa dancing. I actually have not had that good of a dancing night in months. I have either felt out of rhythm or have had trouble finding partners. Neither of those problems surfaced this time.

Or how I have doubled the amount of pull ups that I can do. Admittedly, this is still a pretty small number, but improvement is still improvement!

I could write about the very, very bad things that have been happening in my life … but I really do not want to. At all. I think that I will stop at the above and leave this post on a pretty good note.


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