More Attempts to Combat Ignorance

Here are Eight things most people do not know about the internet and Thirteen things that do not make sense.

Now for that second article, I have to put in a bit of a caveat. It includes homeopathy, which I still consider to be unproven at best … quackery at worst. I would need to see a few more studies beyond the one that they mention in the article before I change my mind.

In other news, today is Cinco de Mayo. In honor of which, I shall go out and salsa dance! What’s that? I would have gone out tonight anyway? You know me too well.

Just remember, this is not Mexican Independence Day! That is not until September.


26 responses to “More Attempts to Combat Ignorance

  1. what is cinco de mayo then? just margarita day? (grins)
    honestly, i think i’m ok with certain days in the calendar being dedicated to getting plastered in ceremonial and vaguely exotic ways. If we can also dress funny, blow things up, and/or wear beads, all the better.
    we need something to balance out the ‘awkward family dinner’ days.

    • It is the day that the Mexican army won a decisive battle against the invading French about fifty or sixty years after they won their independence from the Spanish.
      But yes, I agree. I am all for such holidays. I love that St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo are far bigger in the US than they are in their native countries. They are a chance to decorate and dress differently while speaking in funny accents and drinking a different kind of alcohol.

    • er. i mean, i’m sure it has major cultural/national significance of some sort. which i could easily google, and presumably have before and just forgotten about. so, you know, that should be taken into consideration.
      i just think margarita day is also a holiday of merit. (grins, shrugs)
      Also… I have a suspicion that you’re only really obligated to take seriously *other* peoples culturally-based partying holidays. St. Patricks day is definitely a drinking holiday for the irish in chicago, personally witnessed that this year. And the pictures I saw of the parade in dublin were no less filled with neon green plastic hats and beads. Mardi Gras is a major party day for the catholics in New Orleans, and the 4th of July is a beer/grill-out/but mostly blow-things-up-randomly holiday for a lot of middle america.
      we need excuses for adults to all get together and do ridiculous things because they’re fun. …probably reflects well on america, actually, that we borrow so many of these holidays. there’s something useful about not growing up too far.

      • Yes, adults need these excuses to have fun … which is kind of silly since having fun in my opinion is just as much a necessity as breathing.
        I believe that it was Mr. Spock who said that the more intelligent a species was, the more it needed to spend time pursuing recreation. Hence, my belief from an early age that dolphins are more intelligent than humans.
        On a different note, we need a cultural holiday in August!

  2. Homeopathy doesn’t make a lick of sense whatsoever and I’m not sure what the underlying principle of it is. (lol, I should clarify … I do know the underlying principle, I just don’t get it!)
    However, it’s more than once stopped me from hemorrhaging. I suppose that could be attributed to a placebo effect, but getting your body to stop bleeding is one hell of a placebo and a little different from stopping a headache. So I’m open-minded to it.

    • I once tried a bit of homeopathic medication at my mother’s urging, but I took it with several other forms of more conventional treatment at the same time. I cannot say for certain that it had any effect, but the theory stymies me.
      I am willing to accept that there might be something to it if rigorous and unbiased testing shows it, but until then … the jury is firmly entrenched in skepticism on this case.

  3. I have a homeopathic remedy for migraines in my medicine cabinet – I think it contains belladonna root. Only thing I have ever found that works, and trust me… I have tried a LOT of things to stop them. Honestly, sometimes I am ok with just knowing something works without knowing why.

    • Hey, if it works for you, more power to you! 🙂 If something consistently works, people should use it. Especially if it does not cause any weird side effects.
      But I have trouble with the idea that water “remembers” what was in or near it. There are many things that were in water before the purification process that I do not want it to “remember.” 😉

  4. Hey Owen, can you drop me an email sometime? Question for you.

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