Somebody knockin’ on my door!

I picked up my unicycle today after work! I need to find a place to practice. Preferably someplace with a lot of dirt or grass so that falling down will not hurt as much. Maybe there is a baseball diamond nearby. Of course, the first thing that I should do is put the thing together …

I visited several places around the lab today that are completely new to me. I finally made it into the p-bar tunnels. I am hoping to make it into some of the remote areas of the Tevatron and the Linac this summer as well.

Went dancing last night. First time out in about ten days. Between my work schedule and a visit home, I just have not been able to go out! I have decided to blame my rustiness upon the heat and humidity. Yes. That’s it.

Fourth, Holy Moley!

Last, I just downloaded Howlin Wolf- The Chess Box from Amazon.


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