For my friends who read Something Positive, yes the Owen referred to in today’s strip is me. Randy sent me an email last night and said that he would use my question. Nifty!

Also, I practiced riding my unicycle yesterday for the first time. I need to buy a new air pump since the pressure was a little low and my old pump just does not seem to cut the mustard, but I am pretty sure that I can get the hang of this. Still, I expect much falling in the near future. Bruises shall ensue.

Hmm, Stephen Crane wrote of the “red badge of courage.” Perhaps I should write of the “purple badge of foolishness” …?


14 responses to “PSA

  1. Congrats! =) Make sure to buy a print with a bit of his lap. =)

  2. You’re S*P immortal!

  3. That’s awesome, I totally thought of you when I read it too!

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