150 situps this morning! Count ’em! One hundred and fifty. Because I ROCK!

Or maybe because I am crazy. It could be either. But for the sake of my fragile ego, I shall simply bask in my improvement … before I collapse from exhaustion.

Unicycling is proceeding apace. No new bruises yet, but I am feeling more comfortable with choosing the direction that I fall.


4 responses to “W00+!

  1. Dude, sit-ups are overrated.
    Go for pull-ups and push-ups.

    • Actually, I do both of those as well. I have been doing push-ups for quite a while since you do not need special equipment to do those. And a few months ago I bought an “Iron Gym” which I use for pull-ups five days a week.
      I tend to do about thirty push-ups every morning before I go to work and three sets of fifteen or so pull-ups. I’m not in spectacular shape yet, but I am proud of the fact that this has become a habit.

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