a bit of wrong to start the day

It all started with today’s XKCD. Be sure to read the alt-text.

This led to someone on the LJ feed posting this video:

I think that brain-bleach is in order.


14 responses to “a bit of wrong to start the day

  1. but … but …
    I hate French people.

    • I think that one of my favorite bits of wrong is the fact that the peacocks must be male since they are displaying their tails (peahens don’t do that and are not as colorful), but they have female bodies. Trans-sexual birds, perhaps?

      • Peacocks are clearly ALL DRAG QUEENS. They ONLY breed for the sake on continuing their species because they are FAB-U-LOUS!
        I guess the French marketing department just really needed to appeal to the vital consumer groups of golden-shower-fetishists and furries.

      • 🙂
        Hope you had a good Canada day.

  2. Ugh, saw that last night. I didn’t know that the French were furries. I kinda wish I still didn’t. 😛

    • Furries are everywhere! Not even the French are immune. 😛
      Say, if I did something silly and drove the entirety of Route 66 from Chicago to LA, would you mind if I said “hi” while in the general neighborhood?

  3. You are so lucky I wasn’t drinking coffee just now. (There are large plastic dice in it.) I love that people actually had to work on this project in their office. So many fun little touches, too.

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