Thirteen month old baby broke the lookin’ glass

I have figured it out. My life is not an adventure. It is not a romance. It is not science fiction, fantasy, horror, or suspence.

My life is a farce.

At least, that is the only way that I can explain the fact that I will be participating in a joust on unicycles.

If it really occurs, I expect someone to record it and place the video on YouTube. I say “if” because I am nowhere near ready for such an event. I cannot even finish a complete cycle (pedal goes down, up, and then down again to return to its original position) on my unicycle without grasping desperately for a rail, fence, wall or some other such form of support.

Speaking of which, I think that I need to buy a new wrist guard. Mine seems to have become damaged during my practice this weekend.

In other news, I am currently reading a book called The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I have barely begun, but I am already in love. Any author who begins his work in “the Cemetery of Forgotten Books” knows how to hook this bibliophile. I suspect that I shall pick up his next novel, The Angel’s Game as well. And that I shall pick up the untranslated versions so that I can savor the rich language that he uses. The English translation is a smooth butterscotch treat that I roll around my tongue. I can only imagine what words and phrases the author himself uses in his native Spanish.


4 responses to “Thirteen month old baby broke the lookin’ glass

  1. I heard a rumor one that arm braces make learning the unicycle easier because you can use as little or as much support as you want anywhere, like training wheels. That was probably a lie, but it doesn’t sound half bad.

    • For me, that does not seem to be the case. A friend lent me ski poles with rubber stoppers on the tips so that I could practice in that fashion. He said that was the way that he learned to ride.
      I cannot do it. I tend to fall backwards and forwards a lot using those. On the other hand, when I have a fence or rail nearby, I am OK. I think that maybe in a week or so, after I no longer need so much support, I might try the poles again.

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