Closing tabs

First of all, I need to bone up on some of my “basic” geek skills. I can do some of the things in this list, but certainly not all of them. Oh wait. Being able to do a google search and figure out how to do them counts? Then I might have the whole thing! Although I am not a vi guy. I much prefer emacs. And I am apparently phasing out of the pop culture areas of geekdom. *sighs*

Next, Bono’s op-ed piece about Ghana was thoughtful and well-written. Thanks to skattenstar for showing it to me.

And then we have this video from a New Zealand airline. I would certainly pay more attention to my flight crew if they were dressed like this!

Finally, after a lot of prodding, I think that I simply must go downtown tomorrow and explore. I even know where I want to have lunch! There is a place called Hot Doug’s that is calling me. They have duck fat fries! And the specials?! Dear Lord, the specials! And as I have learned, catsup is out! I am thinking that on Sunday I shall try another Chicago delicacy … Italian beef sandwiches!


16 responses to “Closing tabs

  1. I can do a lot of those (probably 100% with google’s help). Though is it cheating if my answer to number 24 is number 23?

  2. I’ve seen that place on TV. It looks absolutely incredible.

  3. *looks at current schedule* At the moment, I’ll be lucky to get to the hair salon before the middle of next month. *sigh*

  4. … WHAT, exactly, ARE they wearing!?

  5. Yeah. So they’re not really “dressed” More like painted. And I would pay more attention to the flight attendants too if they were painted like that. They really did do a superb job πŸ™‚ I need to go visit New Zealand now. πŸ˜‰

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