some words, a link, and a video

When I was a boy, you could not own a movie. If you were lucky, you could catch one as it flickered across the television screen or at the cinema. But when it was gone, that was it.

I would never have dreamed that I could live in a world where people could command the performances through TiVO or pluck them out of the ether and carry them in their pocket iPhones.

It all makes sense, but I forget sometimes that I live in an age of marvels.

Unrelated bit, I bought a stick blender yesterday. It has a chopper/grinder attachment so I basically have a small food processor. Yay! Homemade salsa shall be in my grasp once more … in convenient portions for a single guy!

Yet another non-sequitur. I watched a bit of Man vs Cartoon on TruTV this weekend. It is a show where engineers attempt to build the wacky contraptions that Wile E. Coyote makes and to get them to work. Not horrible but it could be much better. First of all, it should be on Cartoon Network. (If that channel is going to put on reality shows, they should be at least cartoon related.) Second, they do not need to focus just on Wile E. There are plenty of wacky inventions in cartoons. Chuck Jones is great, but do not forget the legendary Tex Avery! Tom and Jerry for example has a few pretty neat devices. And why stop with cartoons? They could eventually move on to comics and show people why we cannot make Iron Man’s armor or Spider-Man’s web-shooters in real life. Third, they could use this as a way to teach kids about science, the differences between real life and cartoons, and safety practices.

Wouldn’t it be great if instead of saying, “don’t try this at home” we actually started training people to be smarter and safer in a fun and entertaining way?

Finally, Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Hal Jordan in the new Green Lantern movie, but I think that I would have preferred Nathan Fillion like in the following fan-made trailer …


10 responses to “some words, a link, and a video

  1. I’d have preferred Nathan myself, but I love Ryan Reynolds, so I think he’ll be good.

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