Forty years later …

I was conceived in a world where a human setting foot upon another world was only a potentiality. I was born into one where it was fact, although admittedly a fact of only a few months. Still, for me the Moon has always been something reachable, tangible in that literal meaning of “touchable.” We had been there. We went several times in my youth. We could go there again, but the big thing is that we could go farther. Mars. The moons of Jupiter. We could go anywhere.

But we have not.

I have heard the reasons and the excuses. As you can tell from my wording, while I accept some I find others to be invalid. It is time, it is past time, that we go back. No, that we go beyond.

Our greatest moments as a species come when we strive to be more than we have been. When we dare to achieve what we once thought was unachievable. And there is so much to learn out there. So many things that we cannot understand unless we actually go there.

What was done in the spirit of Cold War competition and claimed in the name of all humanity should not be allowed to lie fallow in the hearts and minds of our future. We must reach out. We must seek out out answers and explore the buzzing, crackling, popping vastnesses of the universe around us. The earth is large, but it is far too small for our ambition. And only by building wings shall we learn to overcome the gravity of our problems.

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