Shut up, brain or I’ll stab you with a q-tip!

So I was eating a banana burrito1 when it hit me2. Frozen blueberry soufflé. With a pomegranate sauce. Yes. I could do it. It would be delicious. I need to make it!

I went to the freezer to grab my stash of fresh picked blueberries … only to find an empty container. No, wait. There was a note inside. “Dear Owen. Do not forget to buy more blueberries and freeze them. You have a bad habit of snacking on them late at night when you are hungry. Owen” That &@$+@#%! He’s always one step ahead! I tried to put the thoughts and cravings aside and get ready for my day.

It did not work.

So now I am at work. I crave blueberries. I crave frozen treats made of blueberries! What is a guy to do?

Well if the guy is me, he flirts shamelessly with the cafeteria workers3 and convinces them to give them a small bowl full of them. Then he sneaks them to the backroom and puts them in the freezer.

And this would have been the end of the story, except for the fact that this is when unlabeled/undated food gets cleaned out of the refrigerator. Guess what I forgot to put on the bowl of fruit. *sighs*

[1] Don’t knock it ’til you try it.
[2] An idea, not the burrito.
[3] I know that I should feel guilty since it is obvious that at least a couple of the cafeteria workers have minor crushes on me, but I needs blueberries!


16 responses to “Shut up, brain or I’ll stab you with a q-tip!

  1. Flirting for blueberries is a perfectly acceptable action.

  2. Blueberries are in season now in the Great Lakes – find a farmer’s market or store and pick some up! I’ve been getting lovely Michigan berries from our market each week, and it never lasts the whole week…

  3. …what else are you putting in that burrito?

    • I sliced the banana and browned them in a skillet. I seasoned them with lime and chiles. I wrapped them in a flour tortilla with some garbanzos, cilantro, and rice. It was yummilicious!

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