busy day

I finally made it downtown today. I took the train to Union Station, meandered about until I made it to Grant Park and hung out there for a while. Then I walked to Little Italy and had an italian beef sandwich at Al’s on Taylor Street and a pineapple italian lemonade at Mario’s across the street. Mmm! Two classics in one day!

People say that the italian beef sandwich is a Chicago classic. You really cannot get it anywhere else. And after hearing so much about it, I had to try it.

In a word, “Wow!” Now maybe the feelings about this sandwich were tainted by the fact that I was absolutely starving when I bought it and anything tastes better when you are in that state. Still, I really adored it! I want another! Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow …

*ahem* Anyway, after Little Italy, I found myself in Greektown. *sighs* Too bad I had stuffed myself on the aforementioned sandwich. And fries. And italian lemonade.

In other news, I bought cookware when I returned to the ‘burbs. Lots of cookware. A small plethora of it. In fact, all I need is a dutch oven and I’ll have most of what I consider to be essential! Yay!


4 responses to “busy day

  1. Have you been to the Silver Palm restaurant yet for the 3 little pigs sandwich? Blurb & video. You might want to take a friend with you so you have a chance of finishing the thing…my heart hurts just looking at it.

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