mañana iguana

It is weird how much exercise alters my mood. Mmm, endorphins. I think that I am addicted to them. If I do not do something active: biking, dancing, or whatever, then I slump into a funk. If I take a night off like last night because I needed to buy a rack for my cookware, a new SD card reader for my laptop, and a rack for my CDs and DVDs, then the next morning (i.e. today) I feel sluggish and slightly depressed. Oh sure, I got to bed at a decent time for a change so I am physically rested, but now I am emotionally tired. WTF?

And worst of all, I seem to need to do more exercise in order to keep up the high. It used to be that a single night of dancing keep me soaring for a day or two. Now, I dance (ideally) Tuesdays through Saturdays. I ride my bike most afternoons or sometimes practice on the unicycle.

And now for something completely different … a few moments with Bobby McFerrin.


4 responses to “mañana iguana

  1. Thanks for sharing that video. It made my day :).

  2. You sir, are an addict! But in the meantime, you’ll be very fit and happy.
    Love the video! He’s so great at his job, he makes everybody else like it too.

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