Friday: cleaned madly. Picked up friend from airport. Went to House of Blues after searching about for a good place to hear jazz or blues. Discovered some of the limitations of Google Maps. Found out that the Green Dolphin Street Bar despite its rep for great jazz and blues was playing hip hop that night.

Saturday: took train downtown. Went to top of Willis (formerly Sears) tower. Had awful italian beef there. The memory of that seems to have blocked out any other good memories I had of that day since I do not remember what else. I did. Oh! We watched the Blue’s Brothers when we got back to my place … but I still do not remember what we did for the hours between eating and leaving Chicago. Oh! I think I am starting to remember. I got him to Millennium Park to see the Bean! And I nearly bought a very nice harmonica at a store near there.

Sunday: took train again. Car had trouble starting on drive to train. Would not change out of first gear easily. Engine service and anti-lock brake lights remained on for the entire drive. Met childhood friend for free tickets to Shedd Aquarium. Took lots of pictures of sealife including my favorite animal … otters! Also took water taxi to Navy Pier and double decker tour bus around town. After much hustling about, finally managed to get guest his much demanded Chicago style pizza. He was not impressed. Day ended with needing a jump start to drive home from train parking lot and even worse gear shifting problems.

Monday: spent most of morning trying to make arrangements to fix car. Took guest on brief tour of Fermilab. Ate hot dogs at Portillo’s. Dropped him off at the airport. Somehow took wrong turn and almost wound up in Wisconsin. Finally got home and promptly collapsed.


6 responses to “FSSM

  1. (grins) so, wanna go shopping with me the weekend after next?
    It’s just me, no boys, and it’s totally optional. I’m just coming up saturday afternoon to do some back to school shopping someplace where the clothes don’t look like ill-fitting clown suits, and I’ll be heading back home in the evening. But if you’d like to come hang out and/or join me for lunch, I’d be happy for the company.
    Sorry to hear about thorn! how’s the prognosis look?

    • Sounds like fun! Are you sure you don’t want to spend the night? We could try to find the secret haunt of L. Frank Baum!
      Thorn is drivable. I changed the battery and somehow the other problems disappeared. I am not sure what to make of that, so I am planning to take her in to a mechanic for a checkup in the near future.

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