There’s a picnic/BBQ at work. Everyone is supposed to bring something. They put me down for pie. I was originally going to make a mango-bumbleberry pie and a key lime pie, but the limes looked icky and the mangoes were not ripe. Hence, plan B. The first pie was a “plain” bumbleberry of golden raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and red raspberries. I think it would have been a little cooler if it had been red blackberries and some black raspberries, but that’s just me. The second pie is made of golden cherries. Mmm!

The first pie is cooling on the rack as I type this. The second one is in the oven.

I am a little down because I was too tired to make my pie crust from scratch last night. I broke down and bought the Pilsbury roll-up kind. Still, I think that I made up for it by using locally grown berries and freshly ground spices.


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