Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!

… or maybe midgets.

Had an extremely busy Saturday. A few co-workers decided to go to the Chicago Comic-Con on Saturday and asked if I would like to tag along. Sure! The person who drove was borrowing a GPS and they set the voice to “Dr. Nightmare”, a particularly amusing setting with a deep, booming baritone. My personal favorite moment was when the driver decided to see what would happen if he sped up and the GPS said, “you’re driving like your life depended on it. Excellent!”

At the convention, I got to see Nichelle Nichols, Edward James Olmos, Lou Ferrigno, Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Todd Bridges, and of course, the lovely and talented Emma Caulfield! That last one was especially pleasing since we chatted for a good twenty minutes since she had no line. She was lively and engaging and very fun. She told me about her new webcomic Contropussy and I promised to let people know about it. Which I just did.

I also got to meet a zillion different comics creators such as Jennie Breeden, David Willis, Matt Wagner, George Pérez, and David Mack. Jennie and Emma both invited me out for drinks afterwards, but I had to decline.

After that, I went to Buddy Guy’s blues club for about an hour. I got to meet the man himself, albeit briefly and he told me to come back during the week for open mike night. I managed to not spontaneously combust from happiness, but it was a close thing.

Then I went to Esteban’s for my weekly salsa dance. I forgot to bring my dancing shoes though, so I took off my sneakers and danced in my socks. I had a lot of fun although the humidity was so high that my glasses steamed up when I left the building to go home.

Lots more I could write, but I really need to work.


8 responses to “Bunnies! Bunnies! It must be bunnies!

  1. EMMA EMMA EMMA!!! *glee*

  2. I just want to point out that Emma Caulfield and Jennie Breeden inviting you out for drinks comes like, 48 hours after “I need a girlfriend.” Now, admittedly, they’re both pretty damn lofty goals, but in general, turning them down for drinks implies that your general strategy is somewhat…flawed.

    • So … you’re saying that I should not even mention my lunch with the Suicide Girls or my flirtations with Taylor Dayne and random actresses from Baywatch?

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