My laptop video card died last night. I have only had it for … what? A year and a half, maybe? And it’s already dead. I was debating between buying a new one and saving for a new laptop, but I broke down today and ordered a new one from eBay. It should be arriving early next week.

But that’s not why I am angry.

To tell the truth, I have no good reason to be angry. No, let me rephrase that. I have plenty of good reasons to be angry, but they are all old ones. As in years old. I buried them at the time. I ignored them. I let life go on. But now they are rising from their graves to feast upon my brains!

Egad! Zombie anger!


4 responses to “*crunch*

  1. It is an angry time. I can’t explain why, but many people around me are experiencing this “HULK SMASH” sort of sensation this week. Mars must be sending lots of rage-beams down this way, or something. Or it’s the stuff in our water that’s making rainbows in sprinklers. 😉

    • Oh noes! Teh zomby kitteh thinks it can haz Owenburger! Oh wait. It’s after another kitteh. Good.
      You may have something with the water. And Mars. But that something may be contagious. Take two zombies and call me … no. Don’t call me. If you have zombies, then I think I would prefer that you stay far, far away. 😛

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