Bored! Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!

And hungry!

What to do? What to do?

Time to explore the fridge again, isn’t it?

Let’s see … hmm, shallots! Garlic! Cherry tomatoes! Broccoli! Do I have any … yes! I have portabella!

Darn it! I’m out of stock! But I do have some carrots, celery, and onions that are on the verge of going bad …! Time to improvise a stock! Ok, technically a broth, but it will be great!

Do de do do do! Filling the stock pot with water! Do de do do do! Tossing in the veggies with some peppercorns, wine, and herbs! Dum de dum! Stealing every last drop of flavor! Mua ha ha ha ha ha!

Ok. Stock!

Well, *that* killed some time! Now for the actual dinner!

While boiling pasta, I halved the cherry tomatoes, chopped the broccoli, sliced the portabella, and diced the shallots. I heated some oil in a nonreactive skillet and cooked the shallots and garlic til they shimmered. Then I added the mushroom and let it cook a few minutes. Next, I added the tomatoes and finally the broccoli. After they were cooked, I poured them into the pasta and deglazed the skillet with the stock. Then, I seasoned the dish with red pepper flakes, mint, basil, and oregano. And finally, a bit of grated asiago.



4 responses to “boredom!

  1. you’re like my kitchen clone. Stay tunes for my campground lamb stew from this weekend.

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