I had it made like a mountain range … a snow white pillow for my big, fat head!

A couple of size related articles:

Seeing quantum effects on a macro scale.

The long and the short of animal size.

That thing that really gets me in the second article though was completely tangent to the main point. “Edible dormouse?” That’s its official name? This implies not only that this dormouse is something to be eaten, but also that someone (or more likely many people) were attempting to eat various dormice and decided that this one was the best for eating.

Wait! There is another option. Something a bit different. Picture the following scene.

A naturalist and his assistant are categorizing various fauna of the European countryside.

Naturalist: There. We have cataloged a few zillion of the rodentiae in this area. What’s next?

Assistant: Well, we have this dormouse looking thing.

Naturalist: It doesn’t fit with the other dormice?

A: Well, I suppose it might. I do not see anything to really distinguish it that much from the other dormice …

N: Good point. Well, there is only one thing to be done! The naturalist grabs the rodent and pops it into his mouth.

A: aghast Sir! What are you doing?!

N: crunching loudly What does it look like I’m doing? I’m eating it. Ah. There. Done. Put this down as “Edible dormouse” and we can move on.

Yes, I know that there is probably a much more plausible explanation, but I do not feel like looking it up at the moment. And I like this version.


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