I woke up this morning … and I went back to bed!

I have a headache this morning. Nothing huge, just the type that says, “hey, Owen! You did not drink enough water while dancing last night and now you are going to pay!” It’s actually a pretty mild one. Just a twinge behind the eyes. I’ll get a drink right before this morning’s meeting.

I deactivated my Facebook account last night. It was just too distracting for me right now. I will probably get back on in a few months, but I really need to focus on other things at the moment. As usual, lots going on, but very little of it can I write about. :/

Been practicing the harmonica lately and got a little unicycling in yesterday as well. I am doing better on the harp than I expected. Straight harp is a breeze. Cross harp is almost back to snuff. I am not quite ready for slant harp though. Also, I had a moment or two yesterday when I felt ok about being on the unicycle. W00t!

Oh well. Better get that drink while there is still time.


4 responses to “I woke up this morning … and I went back to bed!

  1. “Location: Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory” makes me smile. How many people get to say that?
    I’ve never been on Facebook. I’ve been tempted to join here and again, especially when I went to conferences for which most of the organizing had taken place on Facebook. But I kind of have all the web presence I can handle already.

    • How many people get to say that?
      A few thousand depending on the time of day. When I have to work the midnight to 8:30am shift, the number is considerably smaller. 😉
      Facebook is ok. Some people love it and I will admit, it is great for organizing get-togethers, events, conferences and the like. It can also be an immense distraction. Not just the googleplex applications which friends or colleagues may attempt to get you to join, but friends’ status updates, event invitations, causes, news, and whatever else may float your boat. I know that I do not have to be notified of all of these things, but I also know that my nature would make me check FB even more if I were not sent updates … just to make sure that I was not missing anything. Hence, the only way for me to go is to quit cold turkey and remove the temptation entirely.

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