in a restless world like this is …

Both Tuesday and Wednesday night, I did more Search and Secures. Found a dummy in tonight’s secure. It was HUGE! Easily six inches taller than me. But if I had not been paying attention, I easily could have missed it. Even while crawling over electromagnets larger and more massive than my car, and RF cavities that could hold several small children comfortably, there were open spaces where a large body could go unnoticed by the inattentive.

More things I could write, but I am tired.


8 responses to “in a restless world like this is …

  1. Man, that’s crazy! Do they regularly leave the dummies in there to make sure people are checking thoroughly enough?

    • Yes! That is exactly why they do it. We do not know whether there will be a dummy during any particular secure, although my co-workers told me that there was a high probability that at least one of the secures that we run as we prepare to restart the accelerators after this summer’s shutdown would most likely have a dummy. I was also told that sometimes an enclosure would have more than one dummy, so not to become careless after finding one.
      The dummies have notes attached to them including the name of the dummy, the names and phone numbers of who to notify that we found it, and any special instructions. In last night’s case, we just had to take the dummy to the nearest exit, contact the Main Control Room and arrange for them to come pick it up so that they could contact the radiation safety officer while my partner and I finished securing the enclosure.

  2. see that’s pretty cool.

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