Your brain’s on vacation and your mouth’s working overtime!

Apparently this is Labor Day weekend. I had no idea. That means that I am missing the Chicago Jazz Fest. *sighs* But at least I will get a pretty nice sized paycheck from working this weekend. And the fact that it is third shift is even better. Third shift, overtime, on a holiday weekend. Should be a very nice paycheck.

I think that I need to make Ancho Chile Fudge Ice Cream. It is calling me. Ooh. No, wait! I want to make a swirl of this with a white chocolate mint ice cream! I do not have a recipe for that latter one. It is just in my head. But wouldn’t that be delicious? The spicy heat. The cool mint. The twin chocolates. *sighs*

Or maybe I should just make the white chocolate mint ice cream but make an ancho chile fudge sauce to pour over it! OK. Enough food daydreaming. I shall move into different daydreams!

Like how while sleeping today, I dreamt a band was playing a syncopated salsa rhythm, but to a blues riff. It was pretty darn awesome! I wonder if any bands play like that?

On another (but unrelated) music note,* after hearing good things about him from why_a_duck and skattenstar I downloaded a song by Nick Cave. Not bad. I’ll have to check out some more.

Anything else? Probably. But I do not want to take away too much time from work.

[*] No pun intended. Really.


4 responses to “Your brain’s on vacation and your mouth’s working overtime!

  1. What song did you download? Nick’s style tends to be all over the place, so sampling is encouraged.

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