wednesday morning words

Is this thing on?

Hello? Testing. Testing. 1, … 2, … 3, …

Knowing that I would have to work the midnight to 8:30am shift, I attempted to stay up all night Monday/Tuesday. I did not fall asleep until about 5am Tuesday morning, but I was unable to sleep past 10:30am.

So I used some of that insomnia to good purpose. I had tomatoes in the fridge after all. And fresh basil. And onions. And shallots. And I have been craving spaghetti …! So, what exactly did I need in order to make a sauce?

Apparently, I was missing wine, tomato paste, mushrooms, and celery. To the grocery … for JUSTICE! Oops. Sorry. Had a PS238 moment.

An hour of shopping. A couple of hours of food prep. Five hours of slaving away over a hot stove. But in the end, I had spaghetti and homemade sauce!

And now a few words to the only thing keeping me vertical at the moment:

Ah, my sweet coffee!
Chocolate laced bitter brew.
Sleep is not for me.


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