And as we wind on down the road, our shadows taller than our soul

So apparently exhaustion laid me low. I was unable to make it downtown to catch Alton. (sighs) Oh well. I shall survive. As consolation, I spent much of today alternately sleeping, watching LOST, and listening to the new Rodrigo y Gabriela CD. They will be in town tomorrow, but alas I shall not be seeing them. By the time I heard about the concert, it had already sold out.

What’s that? You do not know them? Allow me to rectify that. Here is a video of them covering one of the greatest songs ever!

I should really take out Dulcinea. I think that she is jealous of the attention I was paying the harmonica. And my fingers are telling me that they are getting amnesia.

In other news, I am going to a Halloween salsa party at Esteban’s in a couple of weeks. Apparently they are going to a costume contest. I was trying to figure out a costume that would would be good but that would allow me to dance, and then it hit me … Zorro! Assuming I can find a hat …! It would be pretty cool if I won 1st prize.


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