too tired for witty lyric titles

Phone has been acting wonky since I got the replacement. I think that I shall have to get it replaced this weekend. And while I am at it, get a refund from T-Mobile since I think that the rep overcharged me.

And I should change the oil. And find out what that weird noise is coming from my car. And maybe change the timing belt. I hope it will be a sunny weekend, otherwise I shall have to take it to a shop to get someone else to do these things.

Been too tired after work to do anything but collapse in front of the TV. That’s not quite true. If it were not raining every day after I get home, I would practice unicycling. But it is, so I don’t. Also, if I go anyplace right after work, by the time I get home it is dark. Unicycling in the rain … bad. Unicycling in the dark … bad. Unicycling in the rainy dark? Suicidal.

Anyway … time to make the donuts!


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