do the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid?

Saturday night I went to a salsa Halloween party with a costume contest. Sadly, I forgot to take a camera. Also, I neglected to take my own picture. I looked quite nice though according to the people who saw me. I went as Zorro and made a couple of discoveries.

1) Have you ever seen the episode of Family Guy where Lois dresses Stewie up as a girl? Brian asks Stewie how he feels and Stewie’s response? “I feel right, Brian. I feel right.” That was me when I put on the cape.

2) Westley was absolutely correct when he described the comfort of masks. In fact, I wish that I could wear it whenever I go out dancing! My forehead tends to sweat a lot whenever I dance. It’s annoying. Sweat falls into my eyes which turn so red that Jack Skellington could use me to guide him on his attempt to replace Santa. But not with the mask. It was a nice, breathable cloth which wicked away the sweat and kept me cool.

Darn it! I really want to put on the Zorro costume again!

Sunday I went hiking at Starved Rock State Park with a friend. As soon as I figure out why my computer is not recognising my phone, I’ll upload some photos. They’re not as good as if I had used my actual camera, but they’ll do.

This morning, I watched Brian Cox on The Colbert Report. I was very happy to hear him call the time travelling particle theory, “bollocks.” I was even more amused to hear Stephen Colbert asking intelligent questions and even Dr. Cox was surprised by this.


12 responses to “do the people on TV see me or am I just paranoid?

  1. You’re my new favorite caped crusader.
    And that’s saying a lot.

  2. That’s how I felt in my Red Queen outfit. Some of us were just meant to dress up!

    • Yes! I need to find more excuses to wear things like that … or become a masked adventurer! But since the latter would probably result in my injury or possibly even death, I suspect that I shall lean away from the second option. 😉

  3. My friend Will dressed up as Jamie Hyneman on Saturday, complete with shirt, beret, shaved head, facial hair style, and so on. It was quite a change, and quite convincing.
    Then, I saw him again yesterday, and he was dressed exactly the same way. He said, “I think this is going to be what I wear from now on.” It was perfect for him.
    What I’m trying to say is that if the Zorro cape is right, then do it!

    • Well, work is out … but I am pretty sure that I could wear it for a night on the town without any major consequences! 🙂
      And it is very cool that your friend dressed as one of the Mythbusters. I love that show! 🙂

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