What’ll you do when you get lonely?

First night of this rotation of “owl shift,” my crew played a marathon of Pink Floyd. The second night, we played Led Zeppelin. This shift has been a mixture of Grateful Dead, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin.

We have not decided what to do for tonight’s shift. Possibly The Who mixed with The Rolling Stones. Possibly a Clapton marathon. Or Santana. The Beatles is also a possibility. We shall see.


18 responses to “What’ll you do when you get lonely?

  1. Pink Floyd and the Grateful Dead would both put me to sleep. Does it always have to be classic rock?

    • Actually, sooner or later we plan on having a They Might Be Giants night. But the crew chief from the recent shifts prefers classic rock and is not fond of TMBG.

  2. What’ll you do when you get lonely?
    Sounds like you’ve decided on Clapton;)

  3. in answer to your question,
    well, i downloaded google chrome.
    …and my screen appears to be bigger now.
    i assume it must just have a more optimal set of default window dimensions for my eeepc, but there is the weirdest sense that my screen grew.

  4. ah, i’ve got it. chrome has a much smaller/less cluttered top and bottom bar. since my screen is already so small vertically, i guess it makes a noticeable difference.

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