Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze

Country night tonight. While I am not the greatest fan of the genre, I like it more than reggae and rap. Also, I have a soft spot for bluegrass, a fondness for rockabilly, and an affinity for Johnny Cash. I mean really, how can you not like a guy who does songs like this:

Also, I really wish sometimes that I did not have scruples so that I could play with the foolish like Rat does in this comic. Especially people who call Fermilab and ask about our involvement in certain conspiracies, our plans for world domination, how we are destroying the space-time continuum, our alien financiers, and other such nonsense.

Anything else? Probably, but I am running out of steam. Must … refill mug! Coffee reserves … running low. Caffeination below … optimal levels. Typing has become … Shatnerian!

ETA: Today’s six word story – I love you, Cookie Pizza Fairy!


8 responses to “Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze

  1. There is no way not to love Johnny Cash’s music, including his covers.

  2. I have a love for the Americana genre myself. 🙂

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